9.Alex Low

Alex Low

Chief Consultant of Dahann I-Ching Consultancy, a direct branch of Dahann I-Ching Academy in Taiwan.

Dahann I-Ching’s objective is to provide & educate the general public, the right concept of Fengshui.

That Fengshui is nothing superstitious, instead it’s very scientific & important to our living environment.

Since young, Alex were fascinated by the wisdom and knowledge of ancient Chinese metaphysics, He developed a keen interest in pursuing the knowledge and embarked himself onto a long journey to immerse into the ancient art.

Curious on seeking the true knowledge of Feng Shui allows Alex to further deepen his knowledge in Feng Shui under some of the gifted Feng Shui experts & Masters around Asia before starting his own consulting & teaching practice.

Through teachings of different schools, He is able to understand the knowledge of true Feng Shui and effectively convey into accurate consultation and teachings.

During his years of practice, he provided service to clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China & other parts of South East Asia.

Alex often invitated by cooperation & different organizations to provide public talks on Feng Shui & Chinese Metaphysics. To name a few name, HSBC, NTU Alum Club, Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild,​ Jones Lang lasalle etc….

Alex Low as a professional Feng Shui practitioner hopes that everyone can benefit from a harmonize environment, for greater health, wealth and success in life.



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