Joo Hong

Fleex Lee

Hi, my name is Joo Hong. I am a property investor and trainer. My wife and I have three young children and we are grateful to take on personal development and embark on our financial education journey at a relatively young age. We are now living without a boss and are financially independent.

After practising Marko’s technique for two years, I managed to retire at the age of 37. Not only that, I am pleased to own and drive a Porsche from properties that I own.



Property investment is not a get-rich-fast scheme. Selecting the right property to purchase is important to ensure that the property has demand and potential to appreciate. With the right rental return and ability to duplicate, we can create multiple streams of passive income. If you buy at the right entry price, you are set to enjoy the passive income while anticipating the price of property to appreciate and claim your wealth from the equity gain.

If you are ready to embark on your property investment journey, get yourself the right education. Besides the technical knowledge of calculating rental yields, bank mortgage instalments and cash-on-cash return, learn from an experienced teacher too on personal development and the psychology of investment. This is equally important in sustaining you on your journey. Property is just an investment instrument. The most important thing is to understand what you love in life, design your life and live  your life to the fullest! I wish to hear about your success in the near future.



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