Marko is a multiple properties owner, a practitioner and a full-time coach. He is also the founder of Marko & Friends™.

He grew up in a 600-square feet rental flat that was shared with ten other family members. Today, he travels around the world – with style! – and enjoys funky experiences like learning Muay Thai in Chiang Mai and skydiving in Australia. He is thinking of feeding the sharks in Thailand next.

His passion is funded by the streams of passive income he receives from his properties and businesses. Armed with 20 years of experience, Marko offers techniques that can save his students 10 to 15 years of their time in achieving financial success.

Marko’s students have set many records for paying the lowest $psf in local properties. Some of them are landlords earning top rental dollar while others have used his techniques to sell their properties at prices that many seasoned agents thought impossible. A few of them have done all three. Because of these crazy successes, many of his students called him the “crazy coach”. Already, a handful of his students was “jobless” by design within a few years.

In today’s market, Marko is probably one of the most effective coaches for property investment.


From 1 Room Rental Flat to Owning Landed House

Growing up in a 1 room rental flat shared with 10 other family members, Marko had to carve out his own success. While he managed to land a high paying job, the sacrifices he had to make for his job almost cost him his marriage. It wasn't until much later, with several failed businesses and years of having no savings, that Marko discovered the secret to his current success. He now owns several properties and stays in a landed house.

Posted by The Royal Singapore on Tuesday, 28 January 2020



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