About Marko & Friends™

Marko & Friends™ is a Property Appreciation Community that focuses on living a fulfilling life that is supported by passive property income. Challenged by the rising costs of living and job insecurities, Marko and his wife, Jill, started the community in 2017. The community is now managed by four good friends, Marko, Jill, Louisa and Fleex.

All four friends are Money&You™ graduates, and they used the knowledge learnt in Money&You™ to facilitate their renowned Millionaire Employee Programme.

Since his experience with Money&You™ in 1998, Marko has invested over $250,000 of his own money to create multiple streams of passive income with local properties. Through 20 years of experience, coupled with the combined knowledge acquired from 40 coaches, Marko now owns many properties in Singapore and the region.

Together with two good friends, Louisa and Fleex, they took their combined experiences and condensed them into simple, executable steps for any average Singaporean to follow. Backed by Money&You™ principles, they now run their programmes systematically.

The four good friends no longer have full-time jobs as their multiple streams of passive income allow them to retire from their full-time employment.. Much of their time is spent on creating greater values for their participants and community.

The community they have created together is called “Marko & Friends – Wealth, Freedom and Abundance” – a property appreciation community that is designed to help the average Singaporeans live their lives to their fullest with more time and freedom that is funded by a passive income. The knowledge is also shared in the hugely popular Real Estate Rebel Masterclass, which has made a difference in the lives of over 5,200 people. 


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